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  • Who is Draya Michele from Basketball Wives?

  • ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 9 is underway and even though the ladies are serving drama like no other, fans are missing one of their favorites from the old cast 鈥?Draya Michele. She has been a part of the show since the nascent stages and it has helped her launch a million-dollar swimsuit line – Mint Swim.

  • Is Feby better than Draya from Basketball Wives than Feby?

  • Draya was way more entertaining and tolerable than Feby. To even compare them is laughable. Draya didn鈥檛 kiss Shaunie鈥檚 ass and she left on her own terms, built an empire and is still talked about. #basketballwives https://t.co/SkjVLdTcFe

  • Is kniko from Basketball Wives now taller than Draya Michelle?

  • Draya From Basketball Wives’ Son Is Now TALLER THAN HER!!! Draya Michelle, the former star of Basketball Wives, was spotted out with her son Kniko – who is now taller than she is. The two were spotted out yesterday, walking through the mall in Los Angeles.

  • Who is Draya Michele’s ex boyfriend Gilbert Arenas?

  • American basketball player, Gilbert Arenas is another ex to her, with whom she had on son, Kniko. Their relation has been solely sexual. But after the separation, Arenas still owes their son Draya $40 K a month in child support. Picture: Draya Michele and Javaris Crittenton