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Why Is Basketball So Popular? Basketball, as is true of other popular Western sports, serves as a symbol in itself for both the material and the non-material culture. The game is symbolic in that the values and beliefs of the society, which are not physical or non-material, of the society are expressed within it.

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  • Why is basketball the best sport?

  • One of the reasons why basketball is the best sport is that the basketball players excel in many different physical tests that include vertical jump, sprint, agility, bench press and squat. They need to play more than 80 games per season which require a ton of commitment and body care.

  • How popular is basketball around the world?

  • The popularity of basketball on the Olympic stage has helped make it the second-most popular team sport in the world, just behind soccer. More than 300 million people worldwide enjoy driving to the hoop.

  • Why is basketball so popular among sports betting fans?

  • The international basketball world was awed by the Dream Team鈥檚 accomplishments, which gave basketball another surge of popularity. Point-spread betting has made basketball a popular sport among gamblers.

  • Why is the NBA so popular in China?

  • Now, Chinese Basketball fans can鈥檛 get enough of the game or the gear produced by basketball companies that is worn by the best players in the world. The NBA鈥檚 popularity has surged in recent years as teams and individual players have found ways to meaningfully engage with their fans in China.