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  • Who won the 2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament?

  • Baylor Wins the 2021 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament for First National Title Undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs faced the Baylor Bears for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s championship on Monday night By Jason Duaine Hahn

  • Did the NCAA basketball championship game draw more viewers than usual?

  • The NCAA men鈥檚 basketball tournament championship game accomplished the rare feat of drawing more viewers than when it last aired on cable.

  • What happened to Louisville basketball in the 2013 NCAA Tournament?

  • *Louisville鈥檚 participation in the 2013 tournament was later vacated by the Committee on Infractions.

  • What is the largest college basketball comeback ever?

  • Kansas managed to complete the largest comeback ever in the championship game, trailing by 16 at one point in the first half and having gone into the break down 15.