who won tbt basketball tournament插图

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Boeheim’s Army

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  • What happened in the TBT final?

  • Keifer Sykes buried a pull-up 3-pointer to give Boeheim’s Army a 69-67 win over Team 23 in the final of the TBT, capping off a 21-point performance. Boeheim’s Army takes home $1 million in the winner-take-all format.

  • Who won $1 million in the Basketball Tournament?

  • Boeheim鈥檚 Army wins $1 million in The Basketball Tournament (Donna Ditota鈥檚 quick hits) – syracuse.com

  • Who won the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2019?

  • For the first time in seven attempts, Boeheim’s Army has finally broken through and won the $1 million prize at The Basketball Tournament, defeating Team 23, 69-67, with Keifer Sykes making the game-winning shot Tuesday night.

  • Who won the Basketball Tournament 2021?

  • Newcomers help Syracuse-laden Boeheim’s Army win 2021 edition of The Basketball Tournament