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  • Is the 2021-22 NBA season your fantasy basketball draft season?

  • The 2021-22 NBA season is right around the corner, so you鈥檙e probably preparing for your fantasy basketball draft! Well, you鈥檙e in the right place because we鈥檝e got everything you need to make sound picks this season.

  • Where can I find fantasy basketball projections for each position?

  • You can find specific breakdowns of our projections for the top players at each position in fantasy basketball. Players are designated by their first position listed on ESPN and their projected most frequent position on the roster this upcoming season. Every season, there are players who will outperform their ADP while others slump.

  • How do I search for a specific draft in the NFL?

  • Click the Team for players drafted by that franchise. Click the College for players drafted from that college. Click the Pk for players drafted in that slot. Visit our Draft Finder tool to search all drafts from 1947 until 2021 using custom criteria.

  • Is Khris Middleton worth drafting in fantasy basketball?

  • Middleton is a player who will probably go later than he should in many fantasy drafts. He played 36 minutes per game for a full 82 last season and topped 20 ppg for the first time in his career.