who owns the sacramento kings basketball team插图

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Shaquille O鈥橬eal

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  • Does Shaq own the Sacramento Kings?

  • Shaquille O鈥橬eal becomes owner of Sacramento Kings With so much success on the basketball court and in business since his retirement, it would make sense for O鈥橬eal to invest a portion of his fortune into a basketball team if that opportunity ever became available. Also read How do you get in the Basketball Hall of Fame?

  • When did Sacramento Kings move from Kansas City to Sacramento?

  • In 1983 the Kings were again sold to an out-of-state ownership group, and, after playing two lame-duck seasons in Kansas City, the franchise moved to Sacramento in 1985. How much of the Kings does Shaq own? 4 percent Which Papa John鈥檚 does Shaquille O鈥橬eal own?

  • What teams did Shaq play for in the NBA?

  • He played for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. What fast food does Shaq own? The NBA legend will become an ambassador for the Papa John鈥檚 brand.