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Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment

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  • Who is the owner of the Toronto Raptors?

  • The Toronto Raptors will never have to deal with that outcome. Their owner, for better or worse, is Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, an organization ran by Rogers Communication and BCE, Inc. While most NBA teams have individuals running their organization, the Raptors have a much more corporate structure.

  • Why did the Toronto Maple Leafs change their name to Raptors?

  • With American leagues not yet considering Canada, the Maple Leafs became the pride of Toronto. Then, with the expansion of U.S. sports leagues, Maple Leafs ownership decided to put their brand on the NBA鈥檚 newest expansion team, the Raptors and rebranded under its current name, MLSE.

  • What makes the Toronto Raptors unique compared to other teams?

  • Most teams, even those with a figurehead identified as the owner, involve a group effort led by billionaires. The lack of a definitive face of the franchise, such as Michael Jordan with the Charlotte Hornets, is what makes the Raptors unique. How can this help? Masai Ujiri is lauded by many as one of the best NBA executives.

  • Did you know Drake is an executive for the Toronto Raptors?

  • Everyone knows Drake is from Toronto, but what many people don’t know about the ‘Nothing Was the Same’ rapper is that he is a global ambassador and executive for the Toronto Raptors. Drake is constantly seen sitting courtside at the Air Canada Centre to show his love for his hometown team and the Raptors seem to really appreciate his support.