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  • Who is the best player in the NBA right now?

  • RANKED: The 14 best players in the NBA right now. 1 1. LeBron James. LeBron James. 2 2. Kevin Durant. 3 3. Kawhi Leonard. 4 4. Giannis Antetokounmpo. 5 5. Joel Embiid. More items

  • Who is the tallest basketball player to win the NBA championship?

  • The tallest basketball player to win the NBA championship in NBA history is Charles Nevitt 7.5 feet (226cm). He did it in 1984/1985 when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers. The legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 7.2 feet (218 cm) was the soloist on the court, while Charles got just a crumb of playing time.

  • Why is the NBA so famous?

  • When you think about the NBA, you think about professional athletes that play in the utmost top level of basketball, especially in the NBA where the best product of basketball players are playing at. The NBA is filled with great players, players that make history in every game they play in.

  • Who is the worst NBA player of all time?

  • Top 5 Worst Players in NBA History 1 Sun Yue 2 Brian Scalabrine 3 Keith Closs 4 Cherokee Parks 5 Chris Jent