who is the basketball goat插图

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鈥淛ames Harden

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  • Who is the goat in NBA history?

  • Basketball is a team game, and with accomplishments largely dictated by many factors outside of a single player鈥檚 control, James Harden, as the most prolific and skilled scorer in NBA history, is the GOAT.

  • What is the criteria for the goat in basketball?

  • The best criteria for the GOAT revolves around the ultimate goal in the NBA 鈥?a championship. Specifically, the GOAT is the basketball player that has the most 鈥渃hampionship equity鈥?over their entire career.

  • Why is LeBron James considered the goat?

  • Jay Williams explains why he credits LeBron James as the GOAT due to his willingness to speak out about social issues. Should LeBron be listed No. 1 on the NBA’s greatest players list?

  • What is a Gott in basketball?

  • If you are a basketball fan, then you鈥檝e most likely heard the term 鈥淕.O.A.T.鈥?It鈥檚 a word used often by those familiar with the NBA but is also the source of some confusion and endless debate. No, this isn鈥檛 a reference to your favorite player鈥檚 favorite barnyard animal 鈥?but it just might be how you refer to your favorite player from here on out.