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College Basketball Openings November 17, 2020 The Associated Press released it鈥檚 preseason poll showing theGonzagamen鈥檚 basketball team will start 2020-2021 season as top-dogs. With the season about to kick off Nov. 25th, Gonzaga is Ranked #1 leading the way going into this season.

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  • Who are the top men’s college basketball teams in the country?

  • It took some time for Gonzaga to reemerge as the clear-cut No. 1 men’s college basketball team in the country. But with Auburn ‘s loss last week, the Zags are back at the top — and they look highly unlikely to give up that position before the NCAA tournament.

  • What are the men’s college basketball rankings for Week 7?

  • Men’s College Basketball Rankings – Week 7 AP Top 25 RK Team REC PTS TREND 1 GONZ Gonzaga (63)10-0 1599-2 BAY Baylor (1)9-0 1537-3 VILL Villanova 8-1 1453 1 4 TEX Texas 8-1 1415 4 5 IOWA Iowa 9-2 …

  • Where do the Marquette basketball teams rank in predictive rankings?

  • They’re tied for the second-most Quadrant 1 wins in the country with eight — a group that includes victories over Houston, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan State, Iowa and Marquette. But they’re also ranked outside the top 25 in the three predictive metrics on a squad’s tournament team sheet.

  • What is Alabama’s defense ranked in the SEC?

  • Alabama Crimson Tide: Alabama’s defense is ranked No. 11 in the SEC in conference-only games, but the Crimson Tide showed up at that end of the floor in a crucial one-point win over Arkansas on Saturday. They held the Razorbacks to 32. 7% shooting inside the arc and 28. 6% from 3.