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Bill Russell

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  • Who has the most rings in NBA history?

  • But NBA rings have a great impact on the basketball world, and it has become a way to judge a player. So who is the one with most NBA rings and how many are there following him in the line? There are several players who have won a great number of NBA rings and Bill Russell is the one who tops the list of the most NBA rings.

  • What is a championship ring in the NBA?

  • Following the conclusion of each NBA postseason, players from the winning team each receive a 鈥榗hampionship ring鈥?which honors their contribution. Of course, the number of rings an individual player accumulates over their career is often used as a measurement for their greatness.

  • How many rings does Sam Jones have in the NBA?

  • He has won 10 NBA rings in his entire career. He is just 1 ring shy from the number one spot, but it is what it is! An amazing this is, Sam Jones also played for Boston Celtics and he also played for Bill Russell in several seasons.

  • How many rings does John Havlicek have in the NBA?

  • Havlicek has won 8 NBA rings which is still a great achievement and should be considered as a great thing even if he comes on the third spot. As we are going below the list, the average of the players is increasing and it is pretty much remarkable. John Havlicek had an average of 20.8 which is undoubtedly great, and more than the above two.