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  • Who has won the most NCAA Championships in college basketball?

  • UCLA鈥檚 accomplishment of winning 11 NCAA Championships puts them at the top of the list as the school that has won the most titles in college basketball. While this record will probably be broken, it is the 7 NCAA Championships in a row that really make them stand apart from all other college basketball programs.

  • Which Division I coach has won the most titles with one team?

  • No Division I coach has won more titles with one team than Anson Dorrance. It started when his Tar Heels won the very first Division I women鈥檚 soccer championship in 1982.

  • How many titles have the Boston Celtics won in NBA history?

  • In fact, these franchises have alone claimed nearly 70 percent of all titles. In the history of the NBA, the Celtics have won 17 championships, the last one coming in 2008. Next at second place comes Los Angeles Lakers with 17 titles. They were known as Minneapolis Lakers from 1947 to 1960.

  • How many coaches have won 15 or more national championships?

  • Across all Division I sports, in both genders, (excluding National Collegiate sports), only seven coaches have amassed 15 or more national championships. Here they are: