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What should I look for when buying basketball shoes? The soles of the shoes should be flat with a wide outsole. The flat shoes with the wide outsoles provide a greater amount of balance for the player. You also want high tops that will support your ankles. The material of the shoe should be relatively stiff to provide added support.

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  • How should basketball shoes fit?

  • Basketball shoes should fit differently than non-sports shoes, giving a snug fit in some places, but leaving room in others to help you move better on the court. You might have been told to leave a little growing room in shoes when you were a kid and that rule is still in effect for basketball shoes.

  • What are the best basketball shoes to buy?

  • Overview of the 20 best basketball shoes currently on the market: 1 Nike Cosmic Unity. from $ 149.99. Buy from 6 Shops. 2 Puma Clyde All-Pro. 3 Air Jordan 35. 4 Nike KD 14. 5 Nike Kyrie 7. More items

  • What are the best signature sneakers for NBA players?

  • LeBron’s 18th signature shoe has one of the best cushion setups available. Great for big guys who like soft and comfortable cushioning. An affordable signature sneaker and all-around performer. A great choice for guards who prefer court feel over impact protection. Joel Embiid’s first signature shoe is a solid all around performer.

  • What should I look for when buying basketball shoes?

  • When deciding on basketball shoes, look for a relatively flat and wide outsole to provide you with maximum balance. For added grip, search for outsoles that feature a herringbone or hexagonal pattern, since these are designed to help secure your feet and prevent you from sliding up and down the court.