where was basketball started插图

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Springfield, Massachusetts

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  • What is the history of basketball?

  • A game that started with eighteen men in a YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts, has grown into a game that more than 300 million people play worldwide. The man who created this instantly successful sport was Dr. James Naismith.

  • Who invented the rules of basketball?

  • Basketball is the only major American sport with a clearly identifiable inventor. James Naismith wrote the sport鈥檚 original 13 rules as part of a December 1891 class assignment at a Young Men鈥檚 Christian Association (YMCA) training school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

  • When was the first professional basketball league founded?

  • Basketball鈥檚 first professional league was founded in 1898, seven years before nets finally replaced the sport鈥檚 original peach baskets. James Naismith devoted little effort to shaping the evolution of the game he invented, although he spent a decade as the University of Kansas鈥檚 founding basketball coach, losing more games than he won.

  • How was every country introduced by a basketball game?

  • They played the basketball game throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world. 鈥淲orld War 1鈥?began in 1914. The War had been originated in Europe. The U.S. Army spread all around the world and they played basketball where they were. In this way, every country was introduced by a basketball game.