where can i sell my basketball card collection插图

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One of the best options for selling basketball cards is eBay. You can set your own prices giving you more control over how much money you make. And,since the site gets millions of visitors,you get access to a huge customer base. It鈥檚 free to list up to 50 items on eBay. After that,you have to pay $0.30 per listing.

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  • Can I buy or sell my basketball cards?

  • Can: Any individual basketball card. Cannot: At this time you can’t buy or sell sports card lots, sports memorabilia, or any items with no listing on our site. You can’t sell reproductions, fakes, or reprint cards. If you think we’re missing an item that should be included please let us know .

  • Where can I get my basketball cards appraised for free?

  • To find a local sports card shop, search online for 鈥渟ports card shop near me鈥?or 鈥渟ports card collectors near me.鈥? 2. Get your cards appraised online if you don鈥檛 live near a card shop. Some online sports card collectors will actually appraise your collection of basketball cards for free.

  • How do I find sports cards to sell?

  • Keep an eye out for traveling sports card shows. Sports card shows are traveling events that feature a variety of collectors who buy and sell sports cards. Search online for something like 鈥淪ports card shows coming to New York鈥?to see if there are any shows that will be traveling through your area.

  • Why sell your basketball cards at Dean’s cards?

  • You can count on Dean’s Cards to offer you our best price upfront when you sell your basketball cards, baseball cards, other sports cards and non-sports cards. Most importantly, we can usually pay more than other dealers for vintage basketball cards, because we sell direct through our website and eliminate the middle man.