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  • Where can I play basketball in San Francisco?

  • Thoughtfully woven into the landscape in and around the skyscrapers that populate the Bay Area peninsula, you can find a great selection of outdoor basketball courts in San Francisco, CA. From city parks to recreation centers to schools, Let鈥檚 Go Ball is working hard to map out places for you to shoot hoops.

  • How many basketball courts are available to book Near Me?

  • With 82 basketball courts available to book, you鈥檙e sure to find an affordable facility near you. With our wide range of courts you can play your way, so get a bunch of your friends together and book a court today. Whatever your age or ability, we have something to kick off your passion for football.

  • Can you play pick up basketball on an indoor basketball court?

  • While they are usually open to the public and almost always available to book time, they don鈥檛 lend well with showing up to play pick up. An official size indoor basketball court is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide while most high school courts are 84 long by 50 feet wide.

  • Where are the best outdoor basketball courts in the world?

  • 1. Venice Beach, LA. 鈥?This is where the movie 鈥淲hite men can鈥檛 jump鈥?was filmed and it is likely one of the most popular outdoor basketball courts. 2. Rucker Park in Harlem, NY. Another legend of a court where the HBO movie 鈥淩ebound鈥?was filmed.