when was the backboard added to basketball插图

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Jan 1, 1893

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  • Who invented the basketball backboard?

  • The History of the Basketball Backboard Unlike other sports that evolved over time, basketball was invented basically from scratch by Dr. James Naismith, although he may have been influenced by a childhood rock-throwing game.

  • Why were there no backboards in old NBA games?

  • There were no backboards. The first backboards were added a few years later — at some time between 1893 and 1896 — but they weren鈥檛 intended to aid the shooters. Rather, they prevented fans seated in the balcony from touching a ball in play. Early backboards were made of either chicken wire or wood.

  • What was the original name of the game basketball?

  • At first, basketball was called as 鈥淏asket Ball鈥? The basket was placed to 10 feet high in the air and then players would try to score. 2 years later backboard was added to the game to stop the fans from interfering into the game. Besides, without the backboard, there was no rebound or lay-up.

  • How big is the backboard in the NBA?

  • NBA/WNBA/NCAA all have breakaway rims nowadays. Therefore, the rim is flexed when someone dunks the ball. The backboard size is 6 feet by 3.5/4 feet, rim-18 inches in diameter and net- (15-18) inches in length.