when does the ncaa tournament for basketball start插图

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Tuesday, 15th march 2022

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  • What time does the NCAA championship start?

  • What time does the NCAA Tournament championship start? Tipoff for the national title game Gonzaga and Baylor is 9:20 p.m. ET on Monday, April 4. The time, while a bit later in the evening on the East Coast, is the customary tipoff time for the game to start.

  • When does the first four start at the NCAA Tournament?

  • If you’re looking for actual game action, the First Four will begin on March 15, as four games will be played between eight teams to decide which teams advance to the 64-team bracket. The play involving teams in the 64-team bracket begins on March 17.

  • When is the 2022 NCAA Tournament and how many teams are there?

  • Get ready, college basketball fans. March Madness is here and the 2022 NCAA Tournament is getting ready to tip off. The 68-team for the NCAA Tournament is set and soon, college basketball fans will be able to sit in front of their TVs and streaming devices and watch 12 glorious, consecutive hours of the sport.

  • Where can I watch the NCAA Tournament on TV?

  • For those looking to live stream the NCAA Tournament final, there are several options, including YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV and DirecTV Stream. Sling TV’s Blue package offers the cheapest solution, at $24.99 for the first month: Where is the NCAA Tournament championship in 2022?