when did girls start playing full court basketball插图

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  • Where was the first ever high school women’s basketball game played?

  • first known women’s basketball game between two high schools was played in the Chicago area, with Chicago Austin High School against Oak Park High School Conference of Physical Training established a committee to form uniform rules for women’s basket ball [sic]

  • How long has women鈥檚 basketball been around?

  • 鈥?From Berenson to Bolton, Women鈥檚 Hoops Has Been Rising for 100 Years Women鈥檚 basketball has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1892. It may be surprising to discover that women began playing basketball less than a year after the game was invented.

  • Where was the first basketball court made?

  • Origins The first basketball court was limited to the size of the college gym in which it lay. In 1891, physical education teacher James Naismith invented the game at Springfield College in Massachusetts. Naismith used peach baskets for the hoops.

  • Who played the first women’s intercollegiate game?

  • Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley played the first women’s intercollegiate game; Stanford won, 2-1, and men were excluded, with women guarding the windows and doors to exclude men