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Remember,wearing a basketball jersey should always be fun. Buy your jersey 1 size largerthan your normal clothes. Sports jerseys are generally not meant to be a tight fit,and most fans who wear them opt for an oversized fit. Get your jersey in a size that will fit your body a bit loosely.

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  • What should I look for when buying a basketball jersey?

  • You should also think about what you might wear under the jersey. You may wear a t-shirt under it or possibly a hoodie in which case you may need an extra room and go for a larger size. If you are wearing it to play in a game you might not wear anything under it and you may want it tight fit so that you can maneuver and shoot better.

  • What is the average size of a NBA jersey?

  • NBA Jersey Size Chart Nike Authentic S M L 3XL Back Length (inches) 31 32 33 36 Adidas Swingman S M L 3XL Numeric Size 41 44 47 56 Chest (inches) 41 44 47 56 18 more rows …

  • How to choose the right size Jersey for You?

  • Remember, if you want a tight fit, then go with the size jersey that is closest to your measurements. If you want your jersey to be baggy, then go to the next size up. Let鈥檚 take a look at some of the measurements for some of the typical jersey brands and styles that are currently on the market.

  • Should a basketball jersey be tight or loose?

  • You could be playing basketball in your jersey or maybe you are wearing it casually, either to a game or in public. This will determine whether your jersey should have a tight or loose fit. It is also important to remember that some jersey styles are longer than others, so if you are not tucking the jersey in, it may hang fairly low.