what size basketball hoop for 5 year old插图

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Basketball Hoop Height for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-old Kids American Sport Education Program (ASEP) officially recommends that you start with a6 to 7 feettall basketball hoop. Our suggestion would be to stick with 6 feet.

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  • What size basketball should a 5 year old use?

  • For boys and girls, a size 5 basketball should be used between the ages of 5 – 8. The circumference of the basketball should be 25.5 and the weight 14 oz.

  • How high should a basketball hoop be for a 10 year old?

  • Basketball Hoop Height for 8, 9, and 10-year-old Kids The official recommendation stands for precisely 8 feet. We think you could go for about 6 inches up or down, but not more. The reason for this is that when the hoop is too high for them to shoot, they can鈥檛:

  • What size is a high school basketball for girls?

  • This is the official size for women鈥檚 high school, college, and pro basketball. Size 5 27.5 17 oz Boys and girls ages 9-11 years old. This is the standard youth basketball you find in most stores. Size 4 25.5 14 oz Boys and girls

  • What size hula hoop do I need for my child?

  • In our experience we have found that: Age 1 鈥?3: Will struggle to hula hoop so it鈥檚 more for fun and general play. You鈥檒l want a 30鈥?鈥?33鈥?hoop. Age 4 鈥?6: This is where they鈥檒l start getting the hang of the movement a little more but can be a little dependant on their height.