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  • What do you know about the NBA?

  • Quiz! NBA is not just a basketball league; it’s a blend of superstars that are the epitome of excellent strategy, stamina, and speed. In this quiz, you will determine how your basketball skills relate to an NBA superstar and which NBA icon matches your tendencies. So, let’s get started.

  • How good are you as a basketball player?

  • You can shoot 3s very well, and are well rounded. You can do many good moves in the post, and always are a good teammate. You are always showing off your skills, on and off the court. You are a great shooter, and have some pretty good dribbling skills.

  • How do you get an and 1 in basketball?

  • Use my excellent scoring ability to pull up for a shot or drive to the hoop and hopefully draw the full and hopefully an AND 1. I’m a big man so if I got the ball in my hands I’m looking to drive to the hoop but if they give me to much breathing room I might pull of for a jump shot no farther than the mid-range.

  • Who are the best NBA players from number 9 to 1?

  • We will count down the best NBA Players from Number 9 to Number 1 before heading into NBA quizzes. As a Player: Jayson Tatum has a significant role in the Celtics offense. He is one of the best scorers of the league because of his ability to drive to the basket, spread the floor, and create his shot.