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A player needs to be well rounded in dribbling, passing, shooting, three point shooting, and free throws. For those who want to play college or NBA basketball, having a60% plus free throw average by eighth gradeis highly recommended. AAU Basketball (Amateur Athletic Union) is a non-profit league organized for aspiring players.

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  • What skills do you need to play college basketball?

  • If you want to play college basketball, you need a big dose of perspective. Without it, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Perspective helps us understand the choices others make. This is an especially essential skill in basketball. You need to know how coaches perceive your skills, your talent and your weaknesses.

  • How long is a college basketball game?

  • Exactly how long a college basketball game depends on many factors. How long is a college basketball game in the NCAA? A typical college basketball game (NCAA) lasts around 2 hours. Each game has two 20-minute halves and a 15-minute halftime break.

  • Do professional basketball players go to college?

  • While a few incredible high school players are able to skip college level play, NCAA basketball is still the primary recruiting ground for professional teams. Most professional basketball players still spend some time at college. To have a good chance at making it overseas or to the NBA, players need to attend a college.

  • How can I become a better basketball player?

  • If you want to play college basketball you must become adept at understanding perspective both from a coach’s point of view and your own. Become aware of blocks to clear perspective in regard to your talent. Avoid assumptions, work on building perspective and get to a place of wisdom and clarity.