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A transition in basketball is theact of a team changing from offense to defense or vice versa when possession of the ball changes. Sometimes, the transition phase of a play is slow, and the offense only ends up attacking the basket after the defense has gotten back and is set up.

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  • How do basketball teams transition from offense to defense?

  • Teams are constantly switching from offense to defense in a basketball game. Teams transition from offense to defense or vice versa after scores, turnovers, and changes of possession. Players have to be constantly focused in order to transition correctly in order to score or prevent the other team from scoring on the fast break.

  • What is transition defense?

  • Transition defense is a scramble situation. Adapt the drill to your offensive and defensive philosophies. Working on defensive transition is good for offensive transition too. You can also emphasize different things at the front of your defense if you are a pressing team. The drill is explained and demonstrated.

  • What is the goal on defense in basketball?

  • The goal on defense is to prevent the opponent from scoring, but also to get the ball back. The defense must force the offense’s players to take difficult, hard to make shots, but also force turnovers, steal the ball, block shots, and grab defensive rebounds, as well as worrying about the transition and fast-break opportunities.

  • What are the transition responsibilities of a basketball player?

  • We have five defensive transition responsibilities for our players. We want to get to the ball and force it middle into the slant. The player covering the ball should gap, not get beat and slow the ball down by bluffing and recovering at the ball. The first post back releases the get back player who initially covers the rim.