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Isaiah Thomas

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  • Who was the shortest NBA player in the 1960s?

  • Willie Somerset was the shortest professional basketball player in the 1960s who managed to play in the NBA. Somerset played only one season in the major league, 1965/66, playing for the Baltimore Bullets (now Washington Wizards). He appeared in only eight games and scored 45 points.

  • Is Calvin Murphy the shortest NBA player ever?

  • Also, Calvin Murphy 5-9, 165lb (175cm, 74kg), played in the NBA in the 1970s, but because he was 鈥渢oo tall鈥?to make our roster. Despite his height, Murphy established a number of unique accomplishments. He became the shortest player ever inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and played in the NBA era.

  • Are there any short players in the NBA?

  • Despite this prerogative, throughout the history of the NBA there have been many short players, who have been able to compensate for the lack of height with other qualities. If at the end of the article you are still hungry of datas, find out who are the tallest NBA players ever and the tallest of 2021.

  • Is Isaiah Thomas the shortest NBA player ever?

  • Isaiah Thomas is also in the ranking of the 30 shortest NBA players ever. Isaiah Thomas is close to the end of a good career, which culminated in 2016/17 as an MVP candidate.