what is the official height of a basketball hoop插图

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10 feet

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  • How high is the rim of a basketball hoop?

  • Particularly, the height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet (3.05 meters) for the official NBA and NCAA games. On the other hand, the rim鈥檚 height drops down to 9 feet for women in the FIBA championship. How high is the rim in basketball?

  • Why are basketball hoops still 10-foot high?

  • While a lot has changed in basketball 鈥?the jerseys, balls, courts, rules, and overall aesthetic of the game 鈥?one thing remains remarkably the same. The basket is 10 feet off the ground. This tradition goes back nearly 130 years to when Dr. James Naismith first invented the sport. Why are hoops still 10-feet tall? The answer is comically simple.

  • What height basketball hoop should my child start shooting on?

  • Once the children finish 5th grade, it is suggested that they start shooting on a 10-foot rim. The primary focus should be on shooting from the free-throw line range. The transition to regular height hoop can be painful in some cases. Meaning kids could experience a downfall in their game.

  • How high is a WNBA hoop?

  • A WNBA hoop is 10 feet high. The first WNBA game took place in 1997, between the New York Liberty and Los Angeles Sparks. The Liberty won, 67-57. The ladies have proven that a 10-foot hoop is no challenge.