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In total, the Gators have made the NCAA Tournament 22 times with a combined record of48-20, though due to sanctions, the 1987 and 1988 records have been vacated by the NCAA making their official mark 45鈥?8. Below is a look at every appearance Florida has made in March Madness including overall records and postseason results.

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  • Is Florida basketball an average team in modern college basketball?

  • While it might seem harsh, it鈥檚 an accurate assessment of Florida鈥檚 season. The Gators are 4-7 against Quadrants 1 and 2 opponents, 11-1 against Quadrants 3 and 4 teams, and 5-5 in conference play. That鈥檚 a textbook rsum of an average team in modern college basketball.

  • What is Florida鈥檚 record without a win?

  • Seemingly unable to win any of the big games, Florida has put together a respectable 15-8 record without any wins to write home about other than an early buzzer-beater victory over Ohio State. Florida is, as The Athletic calls it, 鈥渁ggressively average.鈥?/div>Here’s what The Athletic said about Florida in a brutally honest Bu鈥?/a>

  • Why is Florida Gator Bait banned from games?

  • Florida will no longer allow its Gator Bait cheer at sporting events because of historic racist imagery associated with the phrase, school president Kent Fuchs announced Thursday. Khayla Pointer scored 19 points, Faustine Aifuwa added 16 and LSU beat Florida 73-59 on Thursday in the second round of the Southeastern Conference tournament.

  • What did Cameron Newbauer do to former Florida Gators players?

  • Former Florida Gators players told ESPN that their coach Cameron Newbauer routinely belittled them at practices, made racially insensitive comments and threw basketballs at players.