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A flex offense in basketball is an offensive system that revolves around: cuts,screens,passing,and movement. The main goal of the flex offense is to get an easy shot due to the constant motion of the players. It is generally used against a man defense.

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  • Is flex offense good for high school basketball?

  • It鈥檚 tough (closer to impossible) to find a team of players that good at the middle and high-school level. The flex offense doesn鈥檛 allow you to give the basketball to your best scorer and let them go one-on-one every trip down the floor while the weaker offensive players are hidden in the corners.

  • What are the different types of offense in basketball?

  • On one possession, you can see flex pattern, counter, counter, flex pattern, flex pattern, flex pattern, counter, flex pattern, counter, and so on. The Flex Offense is also very popular at the college and NBA levels. In the last few years, the Bulls, Hawks, Jazz, Magic, and Heat all ran variations of the flex offense.

  • How do you run the flex offense?

  • To effectively run the Flex offense, most coaches will use a few counter plays, which then discount the predictability factor. And if the defense switches screens, you can actually exploit this and take advantage of big-little defensive mis-matches. (Diagrams A – E) In diagram A, O1 passes to O2, while O3 makes the flex cut off O5’s screen.

  • What makes the Flex basketball team different?

  • Everyone Develops and Contributes 鈥?The flex really is a TEAM offense. Unlike most youth teams, you can鈥檛 rely on one player handling the ball for most of the shot clock and the same players shooting each time down the floor. Everyone is involved in the offense.