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  • Can indoor basketballs be used outdoors?

  • Because indoor basketballs are made from leather, they should never be used on outdoor basketball courts with rough surfaces. Doing so will damage the ball. Apart from not using indoor basketballs outdoors, there鈥檚 also some upkeep required to keep these balls ready for games.

  • How long do basketballs last indoor&outdoor?

  • If you use your indoor and outdoor basketballs only on the proper surfaces, they should each last for several years, especially if you keep them properly inflated and clean them as needed. As of 2010, the price of the basketball standard for indoor use, the official NBA game ball, is $89.99.

  • How much does an outdoor basketball cost?

  • The price of a common ball for outdoor use, the NBA Street Basketball, is $17.62. If you won鈥檛 be using an indoor court for your basketball activities, save money by purchasing an outdoor rubber basketball rather than an official NBA or WNBA leather game ball designed for indoor use.

  • Are basketballs slippery when used indoors?

  • Quality leather basketballs for indoor use have 122 pebbles per square inch, or approximately 35,000 pebbles over the entire surface of the ball. Rubber basketballs for outdoor use have fewer pebbles and feel rougher to the touch. Even covered with sweat, properly broken-in official leather game balls for indoor use are not slippery.