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  • Where can I find a viewable/printable NCAA tournament bracket?

  • Below, you will find a viewable/printable 2022 NCAA Tournament bracket courtesy the home of March Madness: CBS Sports. Thanks for stopping by, but don’t forget to continue checking in over the final week-plus of the season.

  • How many brackets survived the first round of the NCAA Tournament?

  • In 2019’s tournament, the relative predictability (top seeds winning) of the NCAA tournament led to an abnormally high number of perfect brackets surviving the first round. We tracked an estimated 25 million brackets from the start, at six major online games, including the Capital One March Madness Bracket Challenge here at NCAA.com.

  • Is this the last remaining perfect NCAA tournament bracket?

  • With Stephen F. Austin’s win over West Virginia on Friday night, the last remaining perfect NCAA tournament bracket busted. A 15-2 upset (Middle Tennessee over Michigan State) made this a tough year for brackets.

  • What is the longest winning streak in a March Madness bracket?

  • Before the 2019 NCAA tournament, the longest streak of correct picks we had seen in a March Madness bracket was 39 games, achieved in 2017.