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  • What are some examples of target sports?

  • For example, golf is a target game as a player has to hit a golf ball to a set area aiming to putt the ball into a set hole. Below, we have included lists of individual sports, partner sports, team sports and extreme sports across the world. If you feel any have been missed out please comment below:

  • What is the size of a basketball goal?

  • The basketball goal (also known as a ring or hoop) is typically 18 inches (45.72cm) in diameter and must be positioned 3.05m from the floor. Nets are typically white and suspended from the ring.

  • What is the total area of a basketball court?

  • The total playing area for a court is 4520.43 ft and 7290.5ft if run-offs and sidelines are required. A basketball court is 30.62 yards long, and 16.4 yards wide.

  • How do you shoot for a larger target?

  • Players have a choice between shooting for a larger target by using more arc or going for a shooter鈥檚 touch and shooting with their ideal arc for their height. Players should experiment and find which works best for them because this can vary from player to player.