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  • What is PostPost up in basketball?

  • post up What Is The Definition Of Post Up In Basketball? 1. This refers to when an offensive player moves down near the basket or into the lower part of the key, puts their back to the basket and establishes position in order to receive a pass from a teammate.

  • What is the low post in basketball?

  • The low post is an area of the basketball court through which any player on the team may move. However, the center is typically the player who spends more time in the low post than anyone else on the team. The low post is loosely defined as the part of the court near the basket.

  • What are the different post areas in basketball?

  • There are three basic post areas to defend: Low post, Medium post and High Post. When an offensive player assumes a low post position it is because they are a scorer.

  • What makes a good post player in basketball?

  • By positioning properly on the court and using the body to position against defense, the post player becomes quicker, more aggressive and has more offensive options. There is no question that post players must be mentally tougher than the other positions on the court.