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  • How do rankings work in Yahoo Fantasy Football?

  • Yahoo Fantasy has a number of different types of players ranks throughout the product, each giving different insight into how a player has performed or is projected to perform. Use these rankings to find out how your players stack up against each other. Customize your own rankings to prepare for all your drafts.

  • What is default rank in fantasy football?

  • Default Rank is based on the total projected Fantasy points according to your league’s scoring settings. These rankings do not take position into consideration. i.e. You may see quarterbacks ranked higher than other offensive positions. Also known as Rank in the draft client.

  • What are default pre-draft rankings (rank)?

  • Default pre-draft rankings (Rank) are based on your league settings and not expert rankings (X-rank). Fantasy plus is not required. Yahoo Fantasy experts rank players based on how they think they will perform this season. Determines autopick rankings for drafts.

  • Do player rankings show results for finished games?

  • Player Rankings Player Rankings show results for finished games. For projected rankings, see Member Tools/Projections.