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  • What are the characteristics of a basketball player?

  • You are the head of the team, making sure everyone is in position using hand signals, you are a decent shooter, or if you want you can be LaMelo ball and be able to pull up any where on the court. You are a very good shooter, most of the time scoring all points from downtown, or sometimes you drive in.

  • What is your position in basketball?

  • What is your basketball position? Basketball is a team sport, which has many positions with specific jobs. Point guard takes out the ball, shooting guard shoots, small forward awaits for a pass, power forward defends, center rebounds, etc. Basketball is a busy game.

  • How did the number of positions change in basketball?

  • During the 1980s, as team strategy evolved after the three-point field goal and the three-point arc were added to the basketball court. More specialized roles developed, resulting in the five position designations used today.