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  • Is American football the most popular sport in America?

  • WASHINGTON, D.C. — American football, under attack from critics in recent years, has lost some of its popularity but is still the champion of U.S. spectator sports — picked by 37% of U.S. adults as their favorite sport to watch. The next-most-popular sports are basketball, favored by 11%, and baseball, favored by 9%.

  • Is basketball the most popular sport in the world?

  • Basketball is popular in nearly every nation in the world especially in Europe growing in popularity in Africa and most of Asia. Plus we cannot just use number of fans Cricket just gets high because of the 1 billion people in India.

  • Why is football the world’s favorite sport?

  • Football (soccer) is the world’s favorite sport because in most countries that are impoverished, that is the one sport that the poor can play. All you need is a ball to kick and room to play it.

  • Who is the most popular football team in the world?

  • Man Utd are the most popular team in the world and have more than double barcelona and real madrids fans put together, just saying. And im a Liverpool fan. Things have changed. Now Bara RM have 600 M fans each worldwide, and ManU 700 M.