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Goaltending is apenalty in basketball when a player interferes with a ball via a scoring chance. The rule is across the NCAA, NBA, WNBA, and High School. This penalty has several features that separate it from a basket interference call, which is a similar penalty.

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  • What is a goaltending violation in basketball?

  • Goaltending. This is a violation when a player interferes with the ball when it鈥檚 above the rim, is in its downward flight to the basket and has the possibility of going into the basket. In an NBA and NCAA basketball game, goaltending is also called if a player interferes with the ball after it has already touched the backboard,…

  • What is goaltending in hockey?

  • Goaltending is a violation that occurs when a player illegally obstructs the ball or the goal while a shot has a reasonable chance of going in. Goaltending often happens if a defender blocks the ball while it鈥檚 in a downward flight or when somebody touches the ball while it鈥檚 on or directly above the rim.

  • What is the difference between NCAA and NBA goaltending rules?

  • The NCAA goaltending rule is nearly identical to the NBA rule. As described by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), NCAA goaltending (and NBA goaltending) is characterized by: Blocking a ball in a downward flight towards the rim. Touching the ball while any part of it is in the imaginary cylinder above the rim.

  • What is defensive goaltending in the NBA?

  • Defensive goaltending often occurs when the defender is attempting to block a shot, but he makes contact with the ball after it鈥檚 at or above the rim and in a downward flight.