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FIBA 3X3 Basketball 3×3 basketball is a type of game whentwo three-a-side teams play with one basketball hoop. 3×3 has a history of being played in the streets throughout the United States of America and is also known as street basketball. It is appraised as the number one urban team sport on the planet.

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  • How big is a 3×3 basketball?

  • The ball used in a FIBA-sanctioned 3×3 basketball game is different from a regular one. A 3×3 basketball ball is the same weight (620g) as the official size 7 basketball used in FIBA鈥檚 official men鈥檚 5×5 games but is a little smaller (72.39cm in diameter). A size 7 basketball is 74.93cm in diameter.

  • What is FIBA doing to promote 3×3?

  • In line with FIBA’s vision to make basketball the most popular sports community in the world, FIBA is embracing 3×3 with the aim of further promoting, uniting and developing the game of basketball.

  • Who is the official supplier of courts for FIBA 3×3 tournaments?

  • Enlio, Schelde, Wilson and Magic Sky are the official suppliers of courts, backstop units, balls and canopies for FIBA 3×3 official competitions respectively. What is the maximum number of players per team in a tournament?

  • Is the FIBA 3×3 trademark copyrighted?

  • The 3×3 marks (including but not limited to the FIBA 3×3 Endorsement Stamp, the FIBA 3×3 Infinity Logo and the 3×3 word mark) are FIBA intellectual property, protected by trade mark and/or copyright laws around the world. All use of the 3×3 marks must be with FIBA鈥檚 consent and under FIBA鈥檚 control.