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A double result bet isa way of translating the same result multiple times on a single game. If you believe that a particular team may win wire-to-wire the odds of the Double Results are much lower than just taking Team A to win.

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  • What is a double result BET?

  • In sports betting, a double result bet is offered on the score of a game at both halftime and at the end of the game. This has become an increasingly popular betting option as opposed to simply betting on a team to win outright, which is a bet that can often have short odds.

  • What does double double mean in basketball?

  • What Is The Definition Of Double Double In Basketball? 1. This occurs in basketball when a player has double-digit figures in at least two statistical categories, such as points and rebounds. Examples Of How Double Double Is Used In Commentary

  • What are the odds of a double result in football?

  • The highest odds are obviously available for the home team to be winning at half-time and the away team to win after 90 minutes. Typically, odds of 28/1 can be found for this unlikely double result, and can be even higher if the home team is a strong favourite. What is a double result bet?

  • What is a draw/loss double result?

  • For example a Draw/Loss Double Result bet would need the team backed in it to be drawing at half time and then be losing at full time. Similarly a Win/Draw bet needs the backed team to be winning at half time and to end up drawing the match.