what is an aau basketball team插图

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Amateur Athletic Union

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  • How to start an AAU basketball team?

  • Starting an AAU basketball team is an easy process. All that is needed is a coach, players, uniforms, money for registration, money for insurance, and tournament fees. However, the biggest thing for everybody involved is the level of commitment they will put to the team.

  • What does AAU stand for?

  • AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union, and according to their website, they have been in existence since 1888. What is AAU Basketball? The Amateur Athletic Union is a youth sports organization.

  • What is women鈥檚 AAU basketball?

  • Women鈥檚 AAU basketball was organized first in 1926, which was won by Pasadena Athletic and Country Club Flying Rings. A strange moniker for a basketball team, but they made history by becoming the very first women鈥檚 AAU basketball champions.

  • How many AAU basketball players are there?

  • According to AAUboysbasketball.org, there are already around 700,000 members affiliated with AAU basketball. That includes non-athlete members, though, so it鈥檚 difficult to tell how many players are there as well as the number of AAU basketball teams. Memberships increase by the day, making it complicated to track.