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1. A stretch four is a power forward who can create offense outside the area of a normal power forward. Stretch refers to the player鈥檚 ability to expand the area used,making the opposing defense spread out further from their basket,and four is the number used to describe the power forward position.

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  • What are the best stretches for basketball?

  • Static Stretches for Basketball: These muscles are your prime movers for basketball. You’ll need to stretch these muscles after each training session or game. Don’t forget to stretch both sides.

  • What is the stretch-4 in the NBA?

  • With small ball becoming more and more common in the NBA, the tough balance between stretching the floor and playing good defense is key. Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, and Steve Novak are various versions of the stretch-4. (USATSI) The stretch-4 isn’t a new concept by any means.

  • What is a stretch forward in basketball?

  • Most would connote that a stretch forward is a small forward trapped in a power forward’s body, but there are other types as well. A big man that shoots well from mid-range and able to hit the occasional three also bodes well as a stretch player off the pick-and-pop or pick-and-roll off another player.

  • Do different parts of the body need different stretches in basketball?

  • Considering that basketball requiring flexibility, power and agility, the results suggest that a specific different stretching protocol should be used in different parts of body to offer performance benefit and decreasing of the incidents of injuries. Footnotes Conflicts of interest