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A basketball stat line is a clear barometer on how a player affects the game. Good or bad,a player鈥檚 stats will reflect that. Once in a blue moon,stat lines reflect basketball anomalies,a reflection of some of the most bizarre things in NBA basketball. Here are some of the most impressive and bizarre stat lines to ever grace the NBA.

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  • What do the abbreviations mean on the basketball stat sheets?

  • Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap’s system Basketball Stat Sheets: – Pts = Total Points By Team – FGM = Field Goals Made By Team

  • What is a +/-in basketball?

  • Well, admittedly, basketball is a game measured by dozens of different stats. There are traditional stats, advanced stats, and tracking stats; and each of these can be broken into offensive or defensive statistics. Casual fans may know of traditional stats (points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc.) but the +/- often escapes notice.

  • What does STL mean in basketball?

  • Stl 鈥?the number of steals by a defensive player or team Blk 鈥?the number of blocks by a defensive player or team Blk Vic 鈥?the number of times that an offensive player or team has a shot blocked.

  • What are the best stat lines in NBA history?

  • The Best NBA Stat Lines Of The Past Decade 1 James Harden 2 Devin Booker 3 Anthony Davis 4 Russell Westbrook 5 Jusuf Nurkic 6 Joel Embiid 7 Chris Paul 8 DeMarcus Cousins 9 Joakim Noah 10 Hassan Whiteside More items…