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Secondary draft combine

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  • Can a player attend the professional basketball combine?

  • A player may only attend the Professional Basketball Combine if they have entered their name in the 2020 NBA Draft or have given up their amateur status. The event is not open to the public nor is it open to current college athletes who have not entered their name into the NBA Draft.

  • What is the 2020 professional basketball combine?

  • On May 26 and 27, 2020, professional basketball hopefuls will receive maximum exposure and opportunity at the Professional Basketball Combine. Each player will have the chance to compete in front of influential media and team decision makers.

  • What tests do they test at the NBA combine?

  • Tests for the NBA Combine. Agility is very important in basketball, and is measured using the lane agility test at the NBA camp. The Lane Agility test measures how fast a player moves laterally around the key. See more about the lane agility test.

  • Does European basketball have a combine setup?

  • European basketball is all about team play. Physical attributes are important but only in a team setting. So the combine setup is not seen here, as of yet. Many teams do however test players, in an NBA type combine setup, once they have signed and arrived.