what does dnp stand for in basketball插图

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Did Not Play

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  • What does DNP stand for in soccer?

  • DNP stands for did not play, which refers to any player who did not play during the match. The reasons for not playing vary for different situations. However, many reports indicate a DNP-CD next to a player鈥檚 name, which means did not play 鈥?coach鈥檚 decision.

  • What are the most common basketball injuries that cause a DNP?

  • Some of the common basketball injuries that can make a player have a DNP include: Jumping and running are two common activities needed in basketball games. As such, the ankles and feet are essential to ensure victory is within a player鈥檚 grasp. But many players tend to overuse these body parts, leading to injuries.

  • How many players are on a basketball team?

  • Keep in mind that an official basketball team, particularly in the NBA, has 12 players. Each player has specified positions, which can be any of the following: The players that have these positions take the court, leaving the other seven athletes sitting on the bench, waiting for their turn.