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The term bonusin basketballmeans when a team reaches a certain amount of fouls, the opposing team will get to the free-throw line and shoot free-throws. This is called bonusor bonus situation.

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  • What is a bonus in basketball?

  • However, basketball games have a bonus structure, which penalizes one team after several team fouls occur. If one team exceeds the number of fouls in a given timeframe, the other team automatically receives a free throw attempt on the subsequent fouls. This automatic free throw attempt is known as a bonus.

  • What does a bonus tag mean on the scoreboard?

  • Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. Closed 6 years ago. Sometimes, while watching a NBA game, I see a bonus tag text over the telecast scoreboard. What does it means? Which rule or set of rules influence this? Show activity on this post. The bonus tag occurs when one team accumulates a limited number of fouls.

  • What happens when a foul becomes the reason of bonus?

  • Moreover, when a team鈥檚 foul becomes the reason of the bonus, the team spirit gets affected. So,if you are a basketball player, you should have a positive impact to your team avoiding any kind of foul.

  • How do you get a double bonus in the NBA?

  • If you have committed no fouls as a team up to the two-minute mark of any quarter, then you have one foul to give no matter what, then the team is in bonus. The fouls will reset after each quarter, there are no double bonus in the NBA while each quarter of play is 12-minutes in length.