what do the lines on the basketball court mean插图

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The sidelines and baselines make up theperimeter of a basketball court. Together, they form the boundary lines dividing the court between inbounds and out of bounds. If the ball or a player in possession of the ball touches any boundary line, they will be called out of bounds and the ball will be given to the opposing team.

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  • What are the court lines&markings in basketball?

  • Following are the court lines markings found on a typical basketball court: Lane Line Lane lines are boundaries running from the free throw line to the baseline. The width and shape of the lane lines vary on different levels of the game. The lane lines also contain lane spaces markings used to align and separate the non-shooters.

  • What are the circles on a basketball court called?

  • Jump circles 鈥?There are 3 circles on the court: a center circle (CC) at half-court and a free throw circle (FTC) around the free throw line at each end. Free throw line (FT) 鈥?The line 15 feet from the basket that cuts the free throw circle in half.

  • What is a line in basketball?

  • Starting at the baseline and running 28 feet toward the center of the court, a line bounds the team bench area. The line also acts as the starting place for inbounds passes after timeouts and fouls.

  • What is the perimeter of a basketball court called?

  • The sidelines and baselines make up the perimeterof a basketball court. Together they form the boundary linesdividing the court between inbounds and out of bounds. The Free Throw Line (Foul Line) The free throw line or the foul line is used by players during free throwswhen a player is fouled.