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  • What happened to Louisville basketball?

  • Louisville鈥檚 disastrous 2021-22 men鈥檚 basketball season came to an end Thursday night with a hard-fought 51-50 loss to Virginia in the second round of the ACC tournament. BROOKLYN, N.Y. – The Louisville men’s basketball program’s season is now over.

  • What happened to Chris Mack Louisville basketball?

  • Louisville has parted ways with men’s basketball coach Chris Mack, the coach confirmed on Wednesday. 鈥淚t’s been building,鈥?he told media outside of the school’s athletic facility. 鈥淚 think it’s just, it’s been building.

  • Why did Tony Gaudio get fired from Louisville basketball?

  • According to the documents, Gaudio says Mack agreed to pay his severance package 鈥渆ither through the University of Louisville or personally鈥?during a meeting on March 17, 2021, when Mack fired Gaudio because of 鈥減oor staff chemistry.鈥?Mack secretly taped the meeting, per the documents.

  • Was Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino blackmailed by another woman?

  • Mack becomes the second Louisville men鈥檚 basketball coach to be blackmailed yet still come out of it worse for wear, following Pitino鈥檚 extortion experience at the hands of Karen Sypher, the woman he had sex with in an Italian restaurant. She went to prison; Pitino鈥檚 reputation took a hit.