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  • How many districts are there in the US?

  • There are 40 districts (22 country/outer metro and 18 metropolitan) and 13 zones (8 country and 5 metropolitan). There are also 6 regions (all country) which are a combination of districts and zones. A district, zone or region convenor provides sports programs for their schools. Some examples are: special events.

  • How do I find the district or Zone my School is in?

  • To find the district or zone your school is in, download the School Sport SA school list (XLS 32KB). Schools that are located outside the metropolitan area don’t pay nomination fees for the statewide schools competitions.

  • Why are funds allocated to country schools that play in finals?

  • If available, funds are allocated to country schools that play in finals in Adelaide to help with travel costs. Was this page useful? Was this page useful? Why? * Why?