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  • Which college basketball school has won the most titles?

  • You can also find a list of all-time great UCLA players here. UCLA鈥檚 accomplishment of winning 11 NCAA Championships puts them at the top of the list as the school that has won the most titles in college basketball.

  • How many NCAA championships have there been in all sports?

  • There have been championships in 39 different sports in the history of the NCAA. Stanford and UCLA have captured championships in 20 different sports each, while Southern California has won in 17. Here are some other takeaways from the data:

  • Who has won the most national championships as a coach?

  • Only three active coaches 鈥?MIke Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Jay Wright 鈥?have won multiple national championships. They all remain far behind John Wooden, who is atop the leaderboard.

  • How many times has UConn won the national championship in basketball?

  • The school holds two retroactively awarded national championships in basketball from the Helms Foundation: for the 1927 (19鈥? overall record) and 1936 (22鈥?鈥? overall record) seasons. They have also played in the NCAA Tournament 36 times, good for 9th all time, and reached the Final Four in 1978.