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Which coach won the most NCAA Basketball Championships? Only three active coaches 鈥?strong>MIke Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Jay Wright鈥?have won multiple national championships. They all remain far behind John Wooden, who is atop the leaderboard.

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  • What college basketball team has won the most national championships?

  • With 11 national titles, UCLA has the record for the most NCAA Men鈥檚 Division I Basketball Championships; John Wooden coached UCLA to 10 of its 11 titles. The University of Kentucky (UK) is second, with eight national titles. What coach has won the most NCAA women鈥檚 basketball championships?

  • Who is the only coach to win two NCAA titles?

  • Arizona State鈥檚 Bobby Hurley is the only coach to win two NCAA titles as a player and head coach. Which Coach Has The Most Final Fours? Who Is The Youngest Coach To Win A Ncaa Basketball Championship?

  • Who is the greatest basketball coach of all time?

  • Also known as 鈥淭he Wizard of Westwood鈥? John Wooden is thought by many to be one of the greatest coaches of all time, not just in basketball but in all of sports. Wooden was a great college basketball player at Purdue University, where he played under Hall of Fame coach Piggy Lambert.

  • How important is NCAA Tournament success for college basketball coaches?

  • NCAA Tournament success is the best way for college basketball coaches to build towards legendary status. Of course, coming out on top over the other 67 teams in the field is no easy task. Only three active coaches 鈥?MIke Krzyzewski, Roy Williams and Jay Wright 鈥?have won multiple national championships.