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  • How many channels are on Sky Sports?

  • These days there are 11 channels, most of them covering a specific sport (football, cricket, F1 and so on), with a few such as Mix, Main Event and Arena showing a mix of the sports left over. You will also get Sky Sports News 3.

  • What time is the British Basketball League on TV?

  • British Basketball League, Sky Sports Mix (19:00), Sky Sports Arena (19:00) British Basketball League , Sky Sports Mix (19:00), Sky Sports Arena (19:00)

  • What channel is the NBA Finals on?

  • The championship is wide open as we head into the Conference Finals this week. Watch every game from both the Conference Finals and NBA Finals live on ESPN, starting with game one of the Eastern Conference Finals Thursday 24 June at 1pm on ESPN.

  • How many kiwi hoops games will be broadcast on Sky Sport?

  • More than 300 games of kiwi hoops will be broadcast each year across Sky Sport with some going free-to-air. Sky Sport will be partnering with every Sal鈥檚 NBL team to ensure maximum coverage across the country.